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Review, Tips and Where to buy Kangertech EMOW Starter Kit in Perth, Australia?

Vaping review of Kangertech EMOW starter kit 


If you are about to start on your vaping journey then you have various options to choose for the first electronics cigarette starter kit. Kangertech is leading manufacturer of high quality electronics cigarette gears and offers various range of starter kits. Back in the days, I started vaping with Kangertech EVOD starter kit. The value proposition is high for the EVOD starter kit: you get two batteries, two clearomizers, five extra coils, a USB charger, and an AC wall adapter all for around less than $100. Now, another Kanger option available to you is the latest and greatest Kanger EMOW starter kit now in stock at Electronics Cigarette Australia.

Kanger EMOW Starter Kit


With the price of a single EMOW starter kit being about the same as the dual EVOD starter kit, you'll likely ask yourself what additional value the single EMOW provides to justify price parity with the dual EVOD kit.

First, there's the battery. EMOW Kit has 1300mAh battery which allows three different variable voltage settings. It has 2 buttons, one with 5-clicks on/off switch similar to standard eGo 1000mAh 5-click battery and another acts as 3-clicks variable voltage switch The selected voltage is indicated by the colored led ring around the button. Red is the lowest setting at 3. 7V (the same as the EVOD fixed voltage), green means the battery is providing 4. 2V, and white indicates 4. 8V. The higher voltage is used if you like more vapor production and a warmer feel, and perhaps better flavour depending on the e-liquid you are using in your atomiser. My personal experience was that the EMOW coil could not wick juice fast enough at the highest voltage, and left me with dry hits that tasted foul. I high recomend to use original genuine Kangertech coils for your atomisers for 2 reasons 1) It will increase battery life and 2) You will get batter taste and rich flavours from your eliquid.

Airflow was really good and provided the best vaping experience at the same 3. 7V rating as the EVOD. The airflow adjustment ring is fairly easy and smooth to operate in EMOW, and allows you to adjust how much air you are going to draw in with every puff inhaled. Opening it up to allow free airflow through all 5 holes definitely produces noticeably more vapor than the EVOD does with its four tiny fixed air holes.

Compared to EVOD atomiser, EMOW atomiser has slightly bigger thank and holds more eliquid so that you will have to refill it less frequently. It has 2ml more capacit, so operating it at two voltage settings, it will burn eliquid faster than your EVOD tank will.

So do all of these extra features on the EMOW make it a serious competitor to the EVOD starter kit? I don't like to push my opinion so I will let you decide if you are happy to buy EMOW starter Kit? I'd say if you have spare $$s then go for EMOW kit otherwise EVOD kit is as good as EMOW for the price you pay and any $$s that you save use if for premium eliquids...But before you make final verdict!!! please make sure to view this video and follow us on Facebook.

Where to buy Kangertech EMOW Starter Kit in Australia?

Here at Electronics Cigarette World, Australia we have wide range of Kantech products including Kanger EMOW Kits and we are offering same day shipping with options for express post overnight delivery to Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and other parts of Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria. So check it out here

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3/12/2014 9:44 AM
WOW..Very informative article on Kanger EMOW Kit, I was looking to buy this kit and your review really helped. For a minute I thought its better to get EVOD kit but for the price I ended up buying both hehehe LOL.

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